AgileKlix - Martin Lapointe - Agile Coach

About AgileKlix

AgileKlix was created and designed to provide expertise to businesses with the desire to improve the way they experience product development. Using the Agile mindset, the focus is to find better ways to deliver value and create a dynamic environment. We work with companies ready to experience a change in how work is generated, designed and delivered.

We have a strong expertise working closely with teams to ensure that Agile practices will be impactful. We look at all aspects of delivering the product including strategy, developing backlogs, iterative development, tools and customer engagement. We can help you take a new team down the Agile journey or reboot an Agile team that just doesn’t seem to be reaching its full potential.

RetrospectivesWe can introduce and implement Agile across the organization with a training approach. Our goal is not to get people certified, but rather develop managers and team members into people with an Agile mindset. Our approach is flexible and we can formulate an approach which meets your needs either through simple workshops or customize the approach to address your specific needs.

Based on Agile values, principles and practices, we will introduce a gradual mindset change that fosters a dynamic working environment. Creativity, productivity and efficiency will result in focused teams, improved products and services, and a higher return on investment (ROI).