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Martin Lapointe – Agile Coach

In his role as an Agile servant leader, Martin is dedicated at generating collaboration and organizing change positively.

Martin Lapointe
Enterprise Agile Coach

Martin Lapointe - Agile Coach

Martin began his career as a multimedia developer when Macromedia was all over the Web. He then quickly moved into management and had the opportunity to experience different approaches and mindsets. In the early years, Xtreme Programming (XP), transformed his view of how work can be designed and delivered to bring more value. Over the years he made sure to master the traditional project techniques and then moved into Agile coaching and consulting with a vast skill set to better support people in the change process.

In his role as an Agile servant leader, Martin helps organizations discover more effective practices for managing work and people. He exercises his fervor for communication, making initiatives work, creating interactions, generating collaboration and organizing change positively to bring meaningful change into organizations that will improve the lives of people. With many years of experience in leading information technology initiatives and cross-functional operational teams, Martin has become a recognized leader. He has a Master in Software engineering, Information technology and certifications in Agile with the major groups in the industry.

Martin now works to bring agility into organizations with a Lean transformation mindset. Martin uses values, principles, practices and tools to transforming people’s lives and generating fun work environments. In today’s competitive landscape, creating awesome products that respond to clients’ needs on a frequent basis is possible, but in a fast paced changing world, it requires passion and dedication. Agile is hard, and there are no shortcuts to embracing agility, Martin is your Sherpa on the road getting to the destination.


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